Oriental Rug Colors

How to choose the right color oriental rug for your room. I believe you should first acquire a rug with which you can plan your room around. To choose a rug you must consider the variety of colors available and many different shades, then move on to the furniture, curtains, paint and any other accessories you plan to use in the room. You can choose an oriental rug with a nice background color, with secondary colors that will accentuate the colors from the rest of the room. If you want a blue rug and rose curtains, find an oriental rug with a touch of rose to compliment the curtains. The same is true for the furniture. If you can’t start with the rug try not to drown out the furniture with something too strong.


Oriental Rug Sizes

How to choose the right size oriental rug for the room. Some will say size doesn’t matter but in most cases it does. For example in a dinning room, you want to select an oriental rug that will not only fit under the table but allow the chairs to slide all the way out without having to raise the chair off the oriental rug. Having the chair sliding on and off the rug is not only aggravating, but can also damage the edge of the rug. The smallest size to accommodate the average dining room set today should be 8′ x 10′ . You can go larger if you want, but keep the room size in mind. Decide how much flooring you want to show around the rug. Center the oriental rug in the room. Decide if you want other pieces of furniture in room on or off the rug. Living rooms and family rooms are really hard to size up. First you need to decide how much floor you want to show. This usually depends on the condition of the floor, how big the room is and how you plan to arrange the furniture. Remember that the rug will be there for a while so don’t purchase something too small.


Oriental Rug Patterns

How to choose the right pattern oriental rug. Try to select a pattern that is consistent with the theme throughout your home. Carry it through the curtains, pillows and into the rug. Make everything blend together so that it has a nice flow to the room. There are many different oriental rugs out there that have just about ever pattern you need. Purchase something that goes with everything.


Oriental Rug Fibers

How to choose the right fiber for your needs. Wool is a natural fiber that lasts the longest and cleans up the best. It is also the most expensive. That is why most of the finest oriental rugs in the world are made of wool. If you are looking to buy an oriental rug that is going to last a long time, this is the route to go. The only problem with wool is shedding. Most wool rugs will stop shedding after they have been vacuumed a few times. This usually isn’t something that prevents people from selecting wool because of excellent value they are. Acrylic rugs and polypropylene rugs are not made for high traffic areas. I find most of the time these rugs are selected with the thought that it will be replaced in 5 to 7 years. I would purchase this for look not longevity.


Oriental Rug Care

How to take care of your oriental rug to make it last the longest and look the best. First and foremost you must have a pad under the rug. Be selective, don’t just purchase the least expensive pad. Select a pad that will last the life of the rug and make sure it is guaranteed not to stick to your floor ! The little extra you may spend on the pad can save you money down the road by not having to redo your floor or replacing your rug because of the pad was not up to standards. Rotate your oriental rug on a yearly basis, this creates a different traffic pattern so that the wearing is even all around the rug. This also helps if you have a room that gets a lot of sun, that might fade the rug over a period of time. Most oriental rugs should be sent out to be cleaned. Find a rug cleaner in your area that specializes in cleaning your type of oriental rug and have them do it. Don’t try to do it yourself you will probably end up regretting it in the end. If you spent the time and money to purchase the rug you don’t want it ruined.


Oriental Rug Types

How to choose the right type of oriental rug for your room. Think first about purchase price. This will put you in the right mind set for narrowing down selection. Move on to size by measuring area you have in mind. Don’t drop down in size to save money this will make you regret it in the long run. Then think about if you are going for a formal or in formal look. Contemporary rug or traditional rug. This will help you narrow your search. Have samples of colors you are going to use in the room available. This would be maybe a pillow or cushion from the furniture, a paint swatch, an arm cover or a curtain sample.

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